How it all began

NOMAD SOULMATES™ started life as a Facebook group for location independent singles, and it quickly grew into the biggest and most engaging Facebook group in its niche, with nearly 11 thousand passionate members. 

We have reported on a few love stories, and there are surely many more that have not been announced (yet!), as well as many new friendships formed. Thanks to our group, more people are now holding hands as they travel and work in unison.

When you join our group, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer awesomeness of our average member. They’re happy to share their positive energy and stories in the pursuit of a loving sidekick.

Taking it to the next level

We're bursting with excitement as the development of the app continues and we LOVE all the feedback we’re getting from you already! Listening to your ideas helps us build an app that will fit your specific nomadic needs.

Though it’s still early in the game, we are already reaching many parts of the world. Organizations that cater to nomads have already reached out to us to discuss potential partnerships. We’ve partnered up with co-working spaces in Germany, India, Indonesia, Thailand and America just to name a few. This is just the beginning of seeing our love spread all over the globe!

Our priority is assisting you in finding a partner, but we are also committed to helping you integrate in your newly adopted cities. This will increase your chances of meeting that special someone, as well as helping you make rich connections to thrive and succeed as a remote worker!