“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up.”

Aline Dahmen Founder

Aline Dahmen


Nomad Soulmates is her brainchild and she's fully invested in making an impact that will reach nomads the world over. On top of being the creative visionary, she's also in charge of business strategy, marketing, communications and development! Aline hardly gets any sleep so great is her passion for this project!

Sebastien Pelletier Founder

Sebastien Pelletier


As technical lead, Sebastien handles the development of the web app as well as providing software support for all other online activities. Quick with solutions and ideas that will make Nomad Soulmates stand out and deal with the peculiar challenges of dating as a nomad. His motto is "anything's possible".

Septy Chasanah UX / UI Designer

Septy Chasanah

UX / UI Designer

Like what you see so far? Septy's the one that designed this first iteration and we're in love with the result! While she remains high in demand, hit her up if you need a designer for your next or current project and if it's a cool concept she might just have room for you!